DOM IT has a new ordering process. This new process will track all department orders in SmartSheets and allow for funding approval by division accountants and order tracking for Divisions.


Please click on the link to start your order request.


Roll out schedule - to see if your Division has been set up for this process -


Any issues or questions you have about this process - can be sent to:


Tips for Filling out the form


1. Start by filling out the form as much as you can - who the item(s) are for and what type of purchase (are you getting something new, replacing old equipment, or other).


2. For "What item would you like to purchase?" Select your item, or you can continue to add other items from this dropdown question. Once you have selected all the items you want to purchase, click off this question - anywhere on the red area to see items below (more questions will have appeared for you to answer).


3. For Dell Laptop - the next question will be - "Dell/Windows:" this is where you can select the 1) Standard Laptop Bundle (laptop, dock, 1 monitor, and wireless keyboard/mouse), 2) standard laptop only or 3) a laptop you can customize. If you choose the standard bundle (or just the laptop) - you can still go back to the "What item would you like to purchase?" question and pick an extra monitor or anything else to go with the laptop or bundle.


4. If you choose a Non Standard Option or Custom Request – your next question will be XPS 13, XPS 15, XPS 17, Desktop or custom not on this list. You must fill in the justification for this request.


5. For Apple Laptop your choices are MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro 14, MacBookPro 16 or custom. If you choose one of the standard choices – you will get what appears on our standard hardware page for Apple:  Choosing custom will allow you to upgrade options, by choosing custom request under the question “Apple Non-Standard.


6. For Tablet/iPad please pick the model you would like and if there are no further notes or details added – you will get the standard for that size from our hardware page: - if you want an upgraded model – please add details in the notes or details blank.


7. For anything not listed please pick an item as close as possible to a custom request – and add as many details as possible or upload a quote.


8. For Funding Type – pick which funding type you will be using.

  • UWHealth Professional Allotment Funds (or Professional Enhancement Funding) – this will route to Accounting for their approval.
  • UW Research Grans/Sponsored Funds (133 & 144) will be routed to appropriate accounting for approval.
  • UW Discretionary Funds – (all the rest 233, 135, 136, 150, etc) and will be routed for appropriate approval.






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