• On May 18th, 2022, UW Health is blocking access to personal email on the UW Health internal network to reduce our exposure to malicious phishing emails and malware. 
  • Access will be blocked on the UW Health Wisconsin internal network but not the Free Wi-Fi. Northern Illinois already has this on their internal network. 
  • Work email accounts can still receive email from personal email accounts and can still send email to personal email accounts. 
  • Only the ability to login to a personal email account on the internal network will be blocked. 
  • Personal email includes, but is not limited to: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, ProtonMail, etc.. 

How do I access my personal email at work? 

  • Connect a personal device to the Free Wi-Fi. 
  • Use your cellular internet service. 


Can I access personal email on a UWH laptop while away from a UW Health building? 

  • No. UW Health laptops are configured to always connect to the UW Health internal network even when working remotely. This is an important security control to keep UW Health laptops up to date and secured. It would be a violation of policy to try to bypass the internal network to access personal email on your UW Health laptop. 

Can I use my work email for personal communications? 

  • According to Acceptable Use policy 1.29, occasional use is acceptable but should be kept to an absolute minimum. Do not use UW Health email to sign-up for non-work-related newsletters or non-UW Health internet accounts. 


What This Means to You 

  • After May 18th, staff will need to make arrangements for receiving non-work-related communications. 
  • If personal email is being used for business purposes, please reach out to Information Services so we can work together to find a compliant solution. 
  • Service Desk: (608) 265-7777 
  • ServiceNow: https://uwhealth.service-now.com/sp 


For Questions 

Please contact the Wisconsin IS Service Desk: (608) 265-7777 


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