How to reset your Department of Medicine password:


When you reset your DOM password and are working remotely - you must make sure to sync your laptop with the newly set password.   There are 2 ways to do this.



1.  Bring your laptop onsite (either to your office or you can make an appointment with DOM help desk to stop by our offices).
2.  Hook up your laptop to a DOM network cable or DOM dock and follow these directions (use your newly set password to login):



1.  Make sure laptop is connected to DOM GP VPN -

2.  Double click on the Zenworks Application icon on your desktop


3.  Click on Settings

4.  Double click on Sync Password


     -  this opens a DOS like window and will NOT show as you type - so type carefully 

     -  after you have entered your new PW - hit enter key
     -  if you get an error message - you typed the new password incorrectly and need to try again.
     -  if you typed your new password correctly - the window will close


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