You must be using a Mac that is managed by the Department of Medicine (DOM) IT staff.  The computer will have a sticker with a DOM# on it.  If it is not a managed computer then although you will be able to make the VPN connection, you will NOT be able to access any DOM network resources. 


If you have previously been using Tunnelblick VPN, you must make sure it is not connected at the same time you run Global Protect.   Make sure to disconnect Tunnelblick before trying to run Global Protect.


Installation and Connecting the Global Protect client software

1.  Open the Intelligent Hub app via the icon at the top of the screen




2.  Click “Apps”, locate Global Protect, and then click “Install” (Reinstall may be the option which will do the same thing)




3. After installation Global Protect will open automatically. If it does not, click the GlobalProtect icon and then enter




4. Once it connects it will ask for a username and password. This is your NetID and NetID Password


5. Once you enter your NetID info you will be presented with an MFA DUO prompt. Open your Duo Mobile app and look for the UW Madison NetID Login entry. There will be a 6-digit code you can enter here, or you can enter 1 and you will receive a push notification




6. The Global Protect client will proceed with the connection, and you will be notified when it is connected






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