Run the Remote Desktop Connection application as you normally would.   

Make sure the computer you want to connect to is filled in 

Click on the “Show Options” button


On the next screen click on the “Advanced” tab


On the next screen click on “Settings” 


On the next screen make sure to select “Use these RD Gateway server settings” 

For the server name enter:” 

Uncheck “Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses” 

Check “Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer” 

Click OK 



Click the Connect button 


If everything is set correctly, this next screen will show two separate machines: 

Line 1 should show (RD Gateway server) 

Line 2 should show the machine you’re actually trying to connect to 

Enter your password and click ok to make the connection. 


This setup only needs to be done once.    Your computer will remember these settings so the next time you run the remote desktop connection app all you have to do is hit connect. 


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