Installation, configuration and use of DOM GP for the Department of Medicine


You must be using a Windows computer that is managed by the Department of Medicine (DOM) IT staff.  The computer will have a sticker with a DOM# on it.  If it is not a managed computer then although you will be able to make the VPN connection, you will NOT be able to access any DOM network resources. 


If you have previously been using OpenVPN you must make sure it is not connected at the same time that you run Global Protect.   Make sure to right click on the OpenVPN icon and select "Disconnect".    To prevent OpenVPN from automatically starting up the next time you login right click on the OpenVPN icon and select "Settings" and in the window that pops up find the section titled "Startup" and uncheck the option for "Launch on User Logon".



VPN connection that will allow you to log in to the Department of Medicine network and access Departmental network resources 


Installation and connecting the Global Protect client

1.  Look for and open the Zenworks Application icon on your desktop.


2.  Select “Installers” on the left side of the window that opens.


3.  Look for and double-click on the Global Protect icon.  Icons are sorted alphabetically, left to right, and top to bottom.


4.  Wait for the installation process to complete.

5.  The icon for Global Protect will show up in the hidden icons section of the task bar.  Look along the lower right of the screen for the “^” symbol and click on it to open.mceclip2.png

6.  When open, look for the Global Protect icon that looks like a little globe. It will have a small red dot with an “x” in it when not connected.


7.  Single click on the globe icon and the connection prompt will appear. 


8.  For the username and password you will be using your NetID and NetID password 


9.  You will then be prompted for two factor authentication.  You have two options here. 

a.  You can enter “1” and it will generate a Duo push to your mobile device. 

b.  Open your Duo Mobile app and look for the UW Madision NetID Login entry.  You will see a six digit code there that can be type in at the prompt. 

10.  The Global Protect client will then proceed with the connection. 


11. You will be notified when connected.


12.  The icon in the system tray will then show a globe with a checkmark indicating that it is connected.


13.  You now have established a secured encrypted connection to the SMPH VPN for the Department of Medicine.  All your network traffic, including internet browsing is now going through the SMPH firewall for additional security. 


Logging in to the Department of Medicine Network. 

1.  Look along the lower right of the screen for the “^” symbol and click on it to open the hidden icons in the system tray. 


2.  Look for and right-click the icon for the Open Enterprise Server client. 


3.  In the menu that pops up, select the top option for “OES Login”. 

4.  Enter your DOM ID and DOM network password where prompted and click OK.  Note that this is your Department of Medicine ID and password, NOT your NetID and password. 


5.  You should now be logged in to the DOM network with access to the mapped network drives like (G:) and (K:). 



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