When connected remotely, there are some additional steps involved to sync your recent password change.  If your recent password is not working with your windows remote computer follow these steps


1.  Go to the bottom right Corner of your computer screen, and click on the caret   symbol  ^




2.  Verify you have DOM OpenVPN running and connected.  The icon below in the red circle verifies DOM Open VPN is running.  Global Protect VPN provided by Campus will not work.



3.  Once OpenVPN is connected, double click the “Zenworks Application” icon (refer to red circled icon below)


4.  Once the Zenworks Application window opens, select “Settings” folder on the left hand column.  Find the “Sync Password” icon in the list of icons on the right hand side and double click.



5.  A new window will pop up asking for your password. Make sure to enter your NEW password.   Once you hit enter a black window will open and quickly disappear.  

6.  If you do not receive any errors then all is well and your new password has been synchronized with your computer.   

7.  If an error message appears, the most common reason is incorrect password.  Try step 4 again.  Remember DOM open VPN must be connected, refer to step 2.  


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