Each device comes with standard, pre-loaded software. Standard software and updates are tested for compatibility and optimal performance with University of Wisconsin-Madison applications before release.

Your department, division, center or insitute may supplement the standard package with additional software as needed. Specific software is updated at the request of a representative from the unit. Additional software is available by request and may require approval.  The UW Office of Cybersecurity requires Department IT to ensure IT security baseline is implemented, and therefore only Department IT helpdesk is allowed to install software.

Free and University-Licensed Software

The Software provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison must be installed by the DOM IT helpdesk.  To get started send your request via email to 

Specialty Software by Request

You may request additional software if you don’t find the application you need in the standard software package or available as an on-demand download. Request additional software by contacting the DOM IT helpdesk.  Depending on cost, license availability, or other factors, the IT Director may contact the requestor to discuss next steps.

On-Demand Software


DOM IT helpdesk provides access to university-licensed, Windows applications from computers supported by the DOM IT helpdesk.

See Setup instructions for more information:


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