Department of Medicine IT Helpdesk provides file storage systems to store and share files. Your data, which is saved in files and folders, is presented to both the system storing it and the system retrieving it in the same way. This service allows you to connect your endpoints to a central storage pool.


  • Easy to share with anyone supported by Department of Medicine IT Helpdesk
  • Easy to access, organize and manage your department's data in a single location
  • Remote access is available from anywhere using a DOM Managed computer with DOM VPN or using the DOM Citrix Server.
  • Services are accessible on Windows, Macintosh and Unix systems using common file level protocols such as SMB/CIFS and NFS
  • File Protocol access allows for the shares to be dynamically re-sized and re-allocated with minimal to no intervention required on the client side.
  • Highly scalable architecture that can be scaled quickly and easily
  • Permissions are controlled by the data custodian and can be set on a folder by folder basis
  • File storage systems meet the HIPAA compliance auditing policies and includes data backup & recovery


  • Only a UW-Madison department, institute or center with DOM IT as your service provider can request network file shares
  • A data custodian is the owner of the data (network file share) and must authorize accounts and access
  • An assigned account will be required for each person and is needed to access the storage
  • UW-Madison employees with DOM IT Helpdesk as the service provider use the Network File Share request form for establishing network file shares.  People with established DOM logins can easily be provisioned for access to the Network File Share when completing the request form.
  • The Collaborator Access Request Form is for account creation and provisioning access to Network File Shares for external people.  The data custodian (owner of data) or Division Administrator must submit the form and select "Shared Drive" for the System Access question in the form.
  • All accounts must have completed the appropriate UW-Madison HIPAA Training Requirement

Getting started

  1. Click on the red text below to submit a request form.  
    Network File Share Request Form



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