Through - Polling will show up on the right hand panel


When you submit you will be prompted


Select “submit”

Once Polling is complete results can be shared


Polling through iPhone/iPad App

Here are the links for the apps:  iPhone & Apple devices   |  Android devices 


Select “Join Meeting”
(You do not have to sign in)


Enter the Meeting room number as shown
Your name
Email address
Click ‘join” top right corner


Enter password- Get password from Committee


When polling is opened you will be prompted
Select “OK”


When polling is opened you will be prompted
Select “OK”


Select your vote and press “submit” top right corner
You will be prompted to submit your response
Select “submit”



When the poll is concluded I will share the results you will be prompted
To see results select “OK”


Results will be shown
Select < on the top left corner to return to Webex Content



When you open the meeting you’ll go to View>Panels>manage panels



Select Polling and then “Add” >




Opening this panel will show your polling on the right hand side like pictured below.  Here you select the type of poll you would like


Here you enter your poll question
You can continue to add questions by selecting “new”, but if you add more than one question they are all displayed at once to the voters once you “open poll” so if you are voting on motions, you will open the poll one at a time.
“Add” answer responses here- for motions I add Yes, No, Abstain. Toggle the Record individual responses box to be checked


Select “options…” to open the timer display. Turn display off if no timer, or set timer as desired.


When you are ready select Open Poll
If you are sharing your screen that the viewers will see the results in real time. If you do not wish them to see your content at the time of voting you will need to stop sharing prior to opening the poll.

Please see the “Polling in Webex- Attendee guide” to see what the people on the conference will see when polling opens




After you select “close poll” you will see this display and if you are sharing your content the conference attendees will also see Results and Number of responses. 

If you are not sharing your screen, you can select “share with attendees” and share poll results and/or individual results. See the Polling in Webex- Attendee guide for what they will see.

To begin a new poll, select “New Poll” – you will be prompted if you would like to save your poll.
(If you will be using the same poll questions over again it would be easiest to save the poll.)


You will then be prompted if you would like to save the results



If you have saved your poll to get the next one ready you will select “open”



Open the poll which you wish to use

mceclip18.pngThen your poll will open in your side panel and you can “open poll” again when ready.
Repeat as needed.



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