There are times where audio and video doesn’t work properly. There are several things that you can do to solve the problem. First, make sure you make sure you select the correct audio output when you join a webex meeting. When you first join a meeting, the webex audio and camera settings option screen appears (screen shot below)mceclip0.png


For Speaker Setting: Click on the speaker/headphone setting and select which audio output you want to use

For Microphone Setting: Click on the Microphone setting and select which microphone you want to use

For Camera setting: Select the video connect and select if you want to have your camera on or not.

You can always test you audio and microphone by selecting MORE OPTIONS. A screen will pop up and let you test your audio based on what you have selected as your audio output and microphone. Once you have selected the correct settings, click ok.


If your audio/microphone and screen sharing isn’t working, it is most like due to your computer security settings on your mac. To solve this problem, follow the instructions below:
Go to System Preferences


Then go to Security and Privacy and select Privacy on the top right column


Select Camera and you will see all the apps that are eligible to have camera priviledge. You will see Cisco Webex Meetings as an app. Check Cicso Webex Meetings


Then do the same to Microphone settingsOnce complete, cisco webex will have access to your microphone and camera. You can always remove permission at any time.


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