DOM IT deploys and manages a wide range of servers to meet your business needs. Our systems are deployed with standardized Operating Systems (OS) configurations, which allow for a reliable, efficient, secure and highly available hosting service for UW-Madison SMPH users.

 What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Server?

A "virtual server," “virtual machine” or VM is a software-created computer that executes programs and behaves just like a physical computer.

 Virtual machines provided through DOM IT reduce the risk and the expense of running your own hardware and reduce or eliminate the need for you to have system administration talent in your unit.

 Using our Virtualization Service can help by:

  • Providing safer retention of data through storage and backup.
  • Provides physical security for your server reducing the risk of damage or theft.
  • Assisting you safely navigate regulatory requirements particular to your environment.
  • Lets you rely on expert system administrators so you can focus on your research.

Is This Service Appropriate for Sensitive Information?

Yes, sensitive data can be supported in certain configurations. Please be sure to consult with DOM IT to discuss compliance considerations for your data.

What Does Our Service Include?

With our service, you can virtualize:

  • Standalone applications
  • Database servers
  • Web applications
  • Business administration
  • Learning and teaching
  • Research

We tailor our services to create practical and effective solutions, providing lower costs than buying standalone equipment for a lab or an office.

If you need to resize, or remove your virtual server please contact us, find all the ways you can reach us.

 How Do I Get Started?

We have staff with experience in research, teaching, and administration that can help take your existing infrastructure, your ideas, or a future business need and create a safe, reliable home for it.  Send an email to and a ticket will automatically be created and DOM IT will be in touch to get you on your way!


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