The Microsoft end of life (EOL) for Windows 7 is January 14, 2020.  At that time, DOM IT will no longer provide support for those devices, and will require users to arrange for approved equipment upgrades or return their managed devices that cannot be upgraded.  There are cases where specific hardware or software does not work on a newer operating system.  This typically occurs with computer controlled lab equipment PCs.  In these cases a Windows 10 Exception Request may be requested from DOM IT networking services to allow such machines to continue to be used.   Upon approval of the extension, and beginning Jan 14th, 2020 the machine will be placed on a segregated network which will prevent the machine from communicating with the internet or clinical PHI networks.  

Extensions are good for 365 days and must be requested annually if there is desire to continue to use the machine. 

In summary, how does this request affect your ability to work?

  • You will NOT be able to access Outlook email and calendar
  • You will NOT be able to access the internet
  • You will have access to network file share data on G and K
  • You will be able to print to DOM network printers
Submit Windows 10 Exception Request

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