If you want to register another device as a backup, go to https://mfa.medicine.wisc.edu


Log in with your DOM username and password

Because you have a device registered already, you’re prompted to use it to proceed:



Click “Manage Preferences & Devices” 



At this point, you can add more devices and/or choose how you want Duo to ask you for your authorization/authentication.  Right now, we’ll add a couple more devices.  First, a “retired” iPhone.  It’s no longer associated with a phone number, but it still can use wireless so we can enroll it as a tablet-type device.



First, I’ll click “Add another device”


Although technically this is a phone, we can’t use it that way.  We’ll enroll it as a Tablet.  It’s an iPhone, so it runs iOS



If you need to pause to install the Duo Mobile app, go ahead.  Some devices will not find the app in the app store – this means that the operating system on the device is too old to use for this purpose.  You’ll have to find a different device.

In the Duo Mobile app, press the + sign, which turns on the camera so you can scan the code:



That registers the device, so you see the “success” sign:



Now you have two devices enrolled



The process is exactly the same for Android phones and devices.  Again, if you search the Google Play store for Duo Mobile and don’t find it, the device is unfortunately not up-to-date enough to be used for this purpose. 




This time we have a retired Android phone that we’ll enroll as a tablet, just as we did the second iPhone.


And the process is exactly the same, with the following result:



Now there are three devices we can use when we get the Duo prompt:



If you want these to be labeled more descriptively, go into “Device Options” for each one and give it a name that will help keep track of it.  “Change Device Name”



Rename, click save, and move on to the next device on the list.  Devices can also be removed from DOM Duo here, by clicking the trash can icon


Final result – more descriptive names:



Scroll down a little and you will see other options:



In “Default Device” you can pick which of the devices you’re most likely to use. The “When I log in” setting allows you to decide whether you want the prompt to be sent automatically to the default device, or if you want Duo to pause and allow you to choose which device and which method to use.  “Authentication methods” are either 1) a prompt sent to the device, where you just tap a check mark or 2) a pause on the computer screen where you key in a 6-digit code generated by the Duo app on your device.






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