DOM Citrix requires DUO multifactor authentication and does not apply for use of Healthlink via UWHealth Citrix.

If you already have DUO working for campus resources, you do not need to re-install the app.  A few settings in the DUO app are required.  

Go to the DOM Citrix page ( and log in.   You will be presented with the following


Click “Start setup” and you’ll be prompted about the device you’re adding:


For this example, we’ll proceed with a phone.  Put in the 10-digit phone number:


Check the box to indicate the number is correct.  Click Continue.

Indicate what type of phone this is:


If you haven’t already installed Duo, you’ll be prompted to do so.


If you already have the DUO app installed click “I have Duo Mobile installed.”


Open Duo on your phone, click the + in the upper right corner, and hold the phone up to your computer screen.  When Duo sees the QR code, it will automatically add this website.  It happens in a matter of seconds.



Click Continue, and you’ll be asked how you want Duo to act when you get to a site requiring authentication: Choices are to have it automatically push a prompt to your phone, or to sit quietly and wait for a numerical code (which Duo will generate on demand), or leave it up to you to choose each time.  When you have made that selection, click “Continue to Login.”


And you’ll be at your first Duo prompt for the DOM Citrix site:


Respond to the push (or enter the Duo-generated passcode), and you’re in!






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