1.  Tunnelblick must be running and connected.  The Global Protect VPN provided by Campus will not work for this procedure.

2. Click the Tunnelblick icon at the top of your screen, then select VPN Details. The following window should appear




3.  Click the “Configurations” icon near the top left

4.  Move your mouse down to the listing of configurations on your machine. More than likely you will only have one configuration named either “client” as shown in this example or the DOM ID number of your machine such as DOM99999.   Select your configuration.

5.  On the right hand side of the window notice two buttons named “Log” and “Settings” Select “Settings”

6.  Directly below the Log and Settings buttons will be a “Connect” menu.   It will more than likely say “Manual”    Change this to say “When computer starts” as shown in the example.

7.  You have now configured Tunnelblick properly so that your password synchronization can occur.

8.  Logout of your machine and then log in again with your NEW password. If you type it in correctly, your computer will then synchronize with the server.   It may ask if you want to update your keychain.  



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