PHI and Limited Data sets are prohibited from use of this tool.  Email for data transfers involving PHI and limited data sets.

From a web broswer go to this URL


  1. Login with Department of Medicine provided credentials.
  2. Select Drop-off



3. At the next screen, click on Next. “Your Name” and “Your email address” remain as is.


      4.  Select the “+” under “To:” to add recipients (leave the default check boxes checked)

                Add name/email, select add recipient (system allows one or many)

  1. Add note to recipient (optional)
  2. Select “Click to Add Files or Drag Them Here”. Browse to file location and select desired file. One or multiple files can be uploaded. The maximum capacity for drop off is 100GB.




  1. Select “Drop-off Files” once all files are added



  1. Add a passphrase to secure the document. Minimum of 10 characters required. Select OK.  Filesend submits an email notification to the recipient informing a file has been dropped off.  If the recipient does not receive the notification within a few minutes, it is possible the email went into a junk filter.



  1. Provide the recipient with the passphrase provided in step 8. To ensure required security measures are followed, provide the passphrase over the phone.



  1. The recipient will receive an automated email from with the senders email address “ has dropped off a file for you”
  2. The recipient will need to open the email, select the link in the email, example provided below:




3.  Once the link is selected the recipient will be navigated to the dropped off file location.

4.  Select “Download All Files”


5.  Enter passphrase provided by the sender. Select OK.


6.  Save the files to a secure location.


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