Who is eligible for a DOM Login?

1.  You must have an active paid appointment with Department of Medicine or contracted helpdesk support from DOM IT (Memo of Understanding - MOU).

2.  You must have completed the UW-Madison HIPAA training(Another institution's training cannot be substituted).

* NOTE * If training is not complete at time of form submission - that is OK.  The account will be created ahead of time and will be ready when the training has been completed.

3.  A supervisor, DOM Employee or Division Administrator with a valid DOM login ID must submit this form on your behalf (you cannot submit this request for yourself).


When submitting a request "Your email address" must be the email of DOM employee requesting the account - NOT the email of the new person.


Click on the red text below to submit a request form.  

Submit Department of Medicine Login Request


What does a Department of Medicine (DOM) account provide?

  • an account is required to use a DOM supported computer
  • secure, individual storage on the network with backup and recovery services.  This individual storage is known as the G:\home\DOMlogin or Z:\DOMlogin
  • Due to space limitations, only university data is to be stored. No applications (executables) are to be installed in this area. Appropriate academic or business applications can be installed on your local hard drive.
  • abililty to use any computer to remotely access data using the DOM Citrix server
  • access to DOM Global Protect SMPH VPN

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