Office 365 - Create, edit, or delete a Resource Account

In Office 365, "resources" (e.g., meeting/conference rooms, audio-visual equipment, vacation calendars, project calendars) can be created by the DOM Helpdesk for @medicine, @cwhr, @clinicaltrials, and @uwcarbone domains.


  • When resource accounts are created, by default they are do not appear in the Global Address List (GAL). This means that they will not be searchable from any client using the GAL. DOM IT is able to change the setting to searchable in the GAL upon request.
  • Resource accounts are accessible through permissions or by using the service account's direct username/password.
  • Resource accounts are able to have multiple users associated with it.
  • Resource accounts are only accessible by users who have NetID accounts within UW-Madison's Office 365 implementation. Microsoft licensing prohibits the use of these accounts by any external user
  • External users cannot use the service account credentials to access the account. If access is required for an external user, request an appointment through your department's HR office.


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