DOM Global Protect VPN

DOM GP VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) that DOM IT manages and is completely isolated from the rest of the Internet. It provides faculty and staff the ability to remotely use network resources securely.

The following criteria is required for a DOM GP VPN

  • You must be UW-Madison department, institute or center with DOM IT as your service provider
  • Active DOM UserID and password 
  • Only DOM supported computers are authorized for DOM GP VPN access

Terms for using DOM GP VPN

  1. I understand and agree that the Virtual Private Network (VPN) software provided by the Department of Medicine is for use solely to connect to internal information services in support of clinical, research, and educational missions of the University of Wisconsin.
  2. I understand that the VPN key assigned to me is tied to my account and actions performed while using the VPN software will be tied to my account as well.
  3. I agree not to share my VPN key with anyone.
  4. In the event of loss or theft of my computer or if I transfer ownership to another individual, I will notify the Dept of Medicine Help Desk (608-265-4466) as soon as possible so that my personal VPN key can be disabled in order to prevent unauthorized access by another individual.
  5. Installation of up-to-date virus protection software and a personal firewall is required for computers on the VPN.
  6. Anti-virus and personal firewall software is available, free of charge, from the Department of Medicine helpdesk.
  7. Computers that do not comply with this requirement or are found to be infected with viruses or worms will be disconnected from the VPN system.
  8. VPN keys will not be installed on computers that do not have a DOM identification number.

If I am eligible for DOM GP VPN Access, how do I get started? 

Submit Request for DOM GP VPN Access

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